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Kawartha World Headlines Aged

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Men face big pay cuts as BBC scrambles to cut gap between men and women. 2018-01-25, UK

Our leaders party in Davos as the world and democracy burns 2018-01-24, World

"The Global Fake News - Pandemic" 2018-01-24, World

"7.9 Quake off Alaska," Tsunami warning cancelled. 2018-01-23, North America

"Liberal "Results: The Real Tracker". An EYE OPENER with alleged facts! 2018-01-21, Canada

"Netanyahu says if Abbas rejects the US as mediator, he doesn't want peace" 2018-01-19, Middle East

"Worse Than Watergate FISA Abuse by Senior DOJ and FBI Officials" 2018-01-19, USA

"President Trump reveals winners of his 'Fake News' awards" 2018-01-18, USA

"Liberals announce $20-million for gender-based violence prevention" 2018-01-17, Canada

"Swamp North an interesting read." 2018-01-16, Canada

"Project Veritas alleges "Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post Online" Including Private "Sex Messages"" 2018-01-15, World

"The Queen reveals wicked sense of humour in documentary" 2018-01-15, UK

"Passenger jet with 168 people on board skids off icy runway left dangling close to the SEA" 2018-01-14, Turkey

"Hawaii's false missile threat:" 2018-01-13, USA

"'I want you all to stay angry' - Trudeau regarding the Khadr payout. - We will, we promise! " 2018-01-12, Canada

Iran nuclear deal: UK challenges US to find better alternative" 2018-01-11, UK

"Trump to take populist 'America First' message to globalist Davos summit"2018-01-09, World

"Michael Goodwin: Why Trump, chaos and all, is still better than" 2018-01-08, USA

"Behind the Mask of the Moderates." 2017-11-19, Canada

"TRU-DUDS: The Underperforming Liberal Cabinet." 2017-05-08, Canada

Grammy Awards Fall, too political and too scantily clad. 2018-01-29, USA

Flu Season From Hell Keeps Getting Worse 2018-01-28, USA

Important Issues

Peterborough Mayor claims political discussion is polarized 2018-01-09, PTBO
The following Councilors voted (6 to 5) to sell Peterborough Electric Services to Ontario Hydro: Darrell Bennett, Dan McWilliams, Andrew Beamer, Henry Clarke, Lesley Parnell and Dave Haacke. This same group also voted against the wishes of the people and voted to continue the Parkway (6 to 5). Major projects should be held till Municipal election time so all can have their input.
If you don't believe in coincidence, the two projects each approach the hundred million dollar range. Selling one "could" pay for building the other. The airport "could" eat up another three million taxpayer dollars in 2018,
Polarization is expensive, when the ones holding the purse are polarized. This could be one of the reasons why new industry can't be attracted here. Where are the competitive quotes for services we were told about?
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